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FAQs: Everything You Need to Know About Copyright

One of the most successful ways for a person to protect their work is by the use of copyright. This form of protection dates back to the U.S. Constitution – our forefathers understood how important this type of protection was and would be in the future. Many people and businesses take the steps to copyright their work. Without a doubt, this is one of the most important things you can do for your professional and personal life. Consider the following FAQs about copyright:

Do copyright laws protect everything?

No, there are specific categories of work that are covered by copyright. Those categories include artistic, musical, drama, and literary works. For example, any literary work that you create, such as a novel or song, can by copyrighted. Copyright does not protect operation methods, systems, ideas, or facts.

Is my work only protected if it’s been published?

Many people don’t realize that the moment they create a piece of work and produce it in physical form, it is covered by copyright laws. Both published and unpublished work is protected.

Why should I register my work?

When you register your work, you receive a certificate of registration and the registration goes on public record. So, if you are ever faced with an impending lawsuit or someone steals your work, you have proof of registration in more than one place. This will help you immensely in court.

Does copyright differ from a patent?

Yes, a copyright solely focuses on protecting works of authorship. A patent is used to protect discoveries and inventions – two things that copyright laws do not protect.
Businesses and people alike face copyright issues often. It can be confusing to navigate on your own; however, with the help of a SPG attorney, the issues can be resolved quickly. If you’ve found yourself in a copyright-related problem, contact us today.