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What You Need to Know About Estate Planning

Many people assume that an estate is the home that they live in. While your home does account for part of your estate, it does not make up your estate in its entirety. In the event of your death, it is imperative to have a legal estate planning document stating your wishes.

Discover the details about estate planning:

Understanding What Entails Your Estate

According to the dictionary, an estate is “all the money and property owned by a particular person, especially at death.” However, it’s extremely important to plan for the distribution of your estate before your death. If you don’t make a legal plan, your state’s rules concerning estate distribution will be enacted.

Documenting Your Wishes for Legal Purposes

Much like a will or trust, it’s important to put your wishes down in writing. Simply telling someone your wishes and asking them to reiterate them for you in the event of your death is not binding. However, a legal document stating exactly what you want is binding.

It is also important to write your estate planning document in a careful and detailed way. You can’t leave the writing of your estate planning document to someone who is not a legal professional. You need to trust attorneys who write these documents on a daily basis.

How the SPGG Attorneys Can Help You

The team at Spivey, Pope, Green & Greer has extensive experience writing estate planning documents. We know what questions to ask and how to write your wishes in a very clear, detailed format. There won’t be any areas left uncovered for your family members to decipher. This will ensure that your wishes are met. Additionally, it takes the weight off your family member’s shoulders knowing that they don’t have to deal with legalities in such a trying time.

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