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Understanding a Financial Power of Attorney & How We Can Help

Financial matters can be extremely confusing, but they don’t have to be. By creating a financial power of attorney document, your future financial matters can transpire exactly how you want them to. Discover what a financial power of attorney is, how to determine who should be your agent, and appointing their responsibilities in order to get the best results.

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Financial Power of Attorney Defined

A power of attorney is a legal document that grants an outside party legal authorization to make decisions regarding your finances. This financial power of attorney document becomes effective according to how it is written. For example, you can make this document effective in the event that you are incapacitated or simply if you are not able to be present for a legal signing (such as for real estate).

When constructing this document, it needs to be clearly written and thorough so no confusion occurs. This is where the attorneys at Spivey, Pope, Green & Greer can help! We have extensive experience and knowledge concerning what questions to ask and how to write this document. It’s important that your wishes are clearly conveyed and understood by all parties.

Deciding Who Your Agent is & Their Responsibilities

The person you put in charge of your financial power of attorney document is called your agent. When deciding who will be your agent, consider who you believe has your best interest in mind and knows you extremely well. Choose someone you trust completely.

When you assign this legal document to your agent, you are also appointing responsibilities to them. How many responsibilities you want to give your agent is completely up to you. You can give them the final say over every financial matter you have or just one financial matter.

The SPGG attorneys understand how critical it is to have a clearly written and thorough financial power of attorney. Allow us to write it for you!

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