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How to Protect Your Trade Secrets

Trade secrets are vital to a company’s success. A highly sought-after recipe or list of customer names are two examples of trade secrets that you wouldn’t want in the hands of your competitors. Fortunately, there are ways to keep your secrets safe.

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Consider the following steps to take to protect your trade secrets:

Pin-Point Your Trade Secrets

Do you know exactly what constitutes as your trade secrets? Do your employees know? Take time to identify what trade secrets are vital to your company and inform your employees. If possible, create a non-disclosure agreement that each employee must sign that shows they understand the importance of keeping your trade secrets undisclosed.

Keep Your Trade Secrets Safe

Take precautionary measures to keep your trade secrets safe and out of your competition’s reach. Limit employee access and keep physical files in a locked safe or filing cabinet. Consider holding quarterly meetings with your employees to remind them exactly what the company’s trade secrets are and how they can help keep them safe. True camaraderie and feelings of importance will help your employees take ownership in their role.

Take Action When a Violation Occurs

Whether a violation occurs immediately or decades down the road, it’s important to take civil action at once. This sets a precedent for future issues and communicates to others that violations will not be tolerated. Taking action against a violation must be done in a timely manner to show that the secret is indeed a secret and must not be shared. To ensure this is done correctly, hire a team of lawyers to help you protect your trade secrets.

If you’re dealing with an intellectual property infraction, you want lawyers who are expertly trained and have extensive experience in this legal area. Choose the SPGG lawyers today to represent you and your company and keep your trade secrets protected.

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